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Essential Running Accessories

Hopefully the folk at www.whichrunningshoes.co.uk have helped you pick the right running shoe?

Whilst you certainly don't need a long list of gear to get you going, here are some key ones which we think might be worth looking at.

Recommended GPS
                      Watches & Heart Monitors
GPS Watches & Heart Monitors

In our running tips page we talked about ways in which you can plan and track your running routes. Using GPS satellite technology is one way of doing this and some smart people have sandwiched this all into a watch!

GPS technology has improved significantly over the last few years and it has become a standard tool for most running enthusiasts. GPS running devices are great for setting and achieving your own fitness goals and can be integrated into a wide range of web-based reporting suites that enable you map and share your run. You can even post live 'as you run' updates to social media such as Facebook and Twitter!

As with any running accessory there are many flavours and features to chose from and so it is important that you know what you are looking for. For example continuous strong signal may be important if you are a cross-country runner or run in remote areas. You might need more than just time and distance recording - some devices include heart rate and cadence monitors for the more serious runners.

Which Running Shoes have rounded up some of the front runners here.

                      Running Jackets
Running Jackets

An essential ally in the unpredictable British weather and a must for winter nights when visibility is reduced. A good running jacket will provide an extra layer of defense from the elements and can also assist in drawing moisture away from the body when running.

Most running jackets are finished with a reflective or high visibility coating which is essential if are running early mornings or late nights in urban areas not to mention those dark winter afternoons.

Check out Which Running Shoes reviews and recommendations for running jackets.

                      Running Backpacks
Running Backpacks

With many of us running to get somewhere - be that to or from work (or both!) or running long distances - a good running backpack is an essential piece of gear.

The key to good backpack selection is comfort. Think about what you really need to carry on your run and pick the running backpack that can support that bulk securely and comfortably.

Many running backpacks also come with integrated bladder packs so that you can hydrate easily on your run.
Click here for a look at our recommendations.

Recommended Running SocksRunning Socks

As you really get into your regular running you may find that the physical demands start to tell on your feet - usually in the shape of blisters. Specialist running socks help prevent this by providing extra stability whilst 'wicking' moisture away from the foot.

Running socks are usually made up of two lightweight, moisture wicking layers to help prevent blistering. They help prevent blistering both by absorbing friction between the two layers and drawing the moisture away from the foot and into the outer layer.

It's important that you have an idea of what sort of running you are planning to do so that you can assess what type of sock is best for you. For example if you do a lot of cross-country or fell running then you should really opt for a thicker sock. On the other hand if you are more into sprinting then a thinner, lightweight sock would probably be best.

It is also very important to keep in mind the type of foot you have as this will affect the levels of padding you may require in a sock. To find out what type of foot you have follow our simple 'wet foot test'. If you wear proper socks and you are still getting blisters you may need a different type of running shoe.

Here at Which Running Shoes we have looked out for the best socks available for the job. Click here for a look at our recommendations.


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