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Garmin Forerunner

Save over £50 on the excellent Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch at Amazon.co.uk


10th December 2011

Don't be put off by the apparent bulk of the Garmin Forerunner 305 because underneath is a device that is packed with a myriad of excellent features. Whilst it is not as dinky as your standard watch it real does feel comfortable on your wrist with its smooth, curving form factor. Best of all, runners can now save over £50 on the Forerunner 305 at Amazon

The 305 is a marked improvement upon the Garmin 301 in terms of design and readability with it's smaller but crisp, clear screen. The GPS antenna is cleverly encased in the thumb-side curve of the case which ensures that it is always facing skyward when you run.

The button layout on the 305 is simple but effective with menu selection on the right-hand side and power/mode on the left. The 305 also comes with a USB cradle so that you can connect and transfer your running data to your PC and integrates directly with Training Centre so that you can define running plans on your PC and then upload them straght to your GPS device ready for your next run. This gives you a great overall view of your running progress and your increasing fitness. You can also charge the lithium-ion battery via the USB connection or alternatively via the AC adapter that comes included too.

GPS performance is greatly improved over previous models and tests show that the 305 can really deliver consistency when tracking and locking your position whether you are running or even cycling.

The Forerunner 305 makes a fantastic data collection and training tool and it really comes into it's own when you start to navigate the real-time data screens. The 305 can display a wealth of information such as distance covered, elevation, calories burned, pace, and direction. The included chest strap adds the ability to track average heart rate, lap heart rate and track heart rate. The real winner is the ability to customise the data view for your workout so that you have just the numbers you actually want to see, and the great thing is the relative ease in setting this up.

The 305 also comes with customisable workout functionality with the ability to set any combination of interval or intensity training using the the three options in the workout menu: Quick, Interval and Advanced workout. There is also a Virtual Partner that can act as your constant competition to motivate and squeeze that next personal best out of you!

If you're convinced by the excellent features of the Forerunner 305 then head on over to Amazon where you can take advantage of this fantastic discount.

Pros: Out of the box functionality, fantastic accuracy in most areas, customisable and easy to use training programmes. 

Cons: Some might find it bulky but for all those features it's a small price to pay. Sometimes has trouble finding a signal in built up areas - but this is common for GPS devices. No MAC compatibility as yet.


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