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Garmin Forerunner

Over £70 off the Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS watch at Amazon


14th December 2011

The 310XT is the bad boy of the Garmin Forerunner stable. Aimed at the multi-sports person such as triathletes featuring an automatic multi-sport mode that allows you to move from one sport to the next at the tap of a button. You can find this excellent training aide with over £70  discount at Amazon now.

The 310XT is a high end device that sits comfortably alongside the Polar RS800CX and also raises the game on its predecessors with double the battery life, slimmer, lighter and a fully waterproof finish. A note for swimmers, the 310XT does loose most of its functionality when worn under water but it is the only fully waterproof GPS watch out there at present so at least you can wear it in water without the worry - again great for all the budding triathletes out there.

Unlike previous Forerunners the 310XT automatically synchronizes with your PC whenever you are in range so that you can download your workout data. Feeding your detailed performance analysis data into the Garmin Connect website interface allows you to view your workouts, share them with others, and store them for comparison.

It may be overkill for the running enthusiast who may find the 305 or 405CX better suited but the 310XT makes for a great multi-sport device. Head on over to Amazon now to get your 310XT.

Pros: superb battery life, improved satellite tracking capabilities, wireless data transmission to PC, waterproof.

Cons: loss of some functionality under water, maybe overkill for the dedicated runner.


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