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Garmin Forerunner 405CX

The Garmin Forerunner 405CX now just £121.80 at Amazon.co.uk

December 21st 2011


Garmin gets a bit cleverer here and cuts down on the size of this sleek watch by building the GPS receiver into the top of the lower strap, still larger than your average watch but a real improvment in ergonomics.... and now only just under £122 at Amazon which is the most competitve price we have found to date.

The main difference here to the previous Garmin models we have reviewed is that the majority of the controls (apart from start/stop) are on the silver bezel giving it an iPod-esque user experience. It takes a while to get the hang of but it works well.

The 405CX comes with a high sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction to help find your location in no time at all, and this technology also keeps a lock on your signal even under heavy cover and in built up areas.

The wireless heart rate monitor strap that comes included with the 405CX tracks beats per minute continuously and then uses this data to calculate your calorie burning rate. This is great for when you want to train in an optimal heart rate zone for calorie consumption or to determine your fitness over time. You can also share your workouts wirelessly with workout buddy's devices.

The 405CX will automatically synchronise with your chosen PC wirelessly whenever it is in range, where it can be shared through the free Garmin Connect online training community. You can also use the wealth of data collected in the large internal memory to compare previous workouts or run in real time against your Garmin Virtual Partner.

By default the watch shows you two screens of information as you run - heart rate and pace. You can manual switch between the two by tapping the bezel or you can set it to cycle through the screens at regular intervals.

Battery life is also good with approximately 5 hours of running per charge so you should be fine! Get yours for this great price at Amazon now.

Pros: Feels and looks a bit more like a watch, quick to pick up signal, great battery life.

Cons: Bezel controls can take some getting used to but this really is a minor point.


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