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Hilly Twin Skin
                      Anklet Sock

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30th November 2011

This Hilly Twin Skin Anklet Sock has two layers which reduces any friction that the material would have against your feet. The Hilly sock also features arch support and heel/toe reinforcement give a more comfortable and long-lasting fit. ActivInstinct are currently offering these great socks at a mere £5.68 which is a steal in comparison to other retailers we have looked at, including Amazon and Sportsshoes.com

The socks are cut to fit just above the ankle and are made from a anti-microbial moisture-wicking fabric ensuring that any sweat is pulled away from your skin keeping your feet dry, comfortable and protecting further against blisters. The Hilly is a great performance sock for the keen runner.

Twin skin socks pretty much banish the chance of those blisters appearing which means you can just enjoy your run. One thing we would say with this and any twin skin sock is to make sure you take care when washing and follow the instructions as washing too warm can tend to shrink or warp the shape of the sock.
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