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Top 5 Running Tips

Whether you are a seasoned runner or you are just about to embark upon this great way of keeping fit - following some basic tips can help to ensure that you get the best out of your run.

www.whichrunningshoes.co.uk has prepared the following (but by no means exhaustive!) 5 top tips to help you on your way.

1) Allow time to warm up & cool down

It is really important to work a warm up and cool down
into your running schedule by working through some mild cardiovascular work and stretching. A warm up increases blood flow to your muscles and promotes your flexibility preparing them for the exercise ahead. Cooling down by stretching your muscles at the end of your run helps prevent soreness and stiffness.

2) Get equipped

The great thing about running is that you don't need much equipment. However there are some key bits and bobs that will make things a lot easier. We have already mentioned running shoes, these should be changed at least every year or 500 miles. If you need a pair but are unsure which ones are right for you then take our 'wet foot test'.

Comfort is key to enjoying your run, wearing waterproof clothing, good socks and a sports bra all help.... and last but not least please ensure that you are visible on your run with adequate reflective gear. Check out our accessories page for some recommendations.

3) Plan your run

Have a route in mind when you set out on your run. This will really help give structure and provide the all important motivation to continue with your program. Use Google Maps to plan your route or if you have a smartphone why not use a GPS watch or download a free app like Runkeeper to track and share your progress with like-minded runners.

4) Find a running buddy

Having someone to run with of a similar ability is a great way to keep motivated and reach your goals. If your friends or colleagues are not stepping up to the plate then joining a running club is a perfect way to tap into a ready resource of running buddys, just Google one near you!

5) Be aware of fluid and nutrients

Remember that we are roughly 80% water and when we exercise we loose some of that water. It is important that these stocks are replenished regularly. A healthy, balanced diet is key and pasta, rice, wholgrain foods should form the base of your meals to provide slow-release energy. For more information on fluid and nutrition for runners take a look at the Bupa Running Nutrition website.


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